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Light Stream™ Practitioner System

£11,582.00 £7,990.00

Value Package for Practitioners

Light Stream Practitioner 14" 
  • Light Stream Wand ($5,495 Value)
  • Light Stream Coil (14") ($3,995 Value)
  • Light Stream Console w/ 10,000+ Frequencies ($1,995 Value)
  • Light Stream Practitioner Certification Course ($497 value)
  • Shipping $100
Total Value: $12,082 Sale Price: $7,990 ONLY!

The Royal Staff of Moses

£5,000.00 £3,500.00

How did Moses part the Sea?

How did Jesus turn water to wine?

And why did many powerful beings throughout history carry a staff or sceptre?  (Isis of Egypt, Merlin...)

David Sereda has decoded the hidden length of the Staff Moses and Jesus and discovered that it is directly connected to the geometry of the Great Pyramids and several major sacred sites of the world!

Imagine holding the power of Jesus and Moses in your hands!