Welcome to Metaphysical Hub.

Metaphysical Hub was established as a means to fill the void of a website that reviews and rates metaphysical practitioners, products and services.

Our vision is to build a catalog of practitioners, products and services that have been reviewed and rated by none other than you.   

What we are here to do is to simply make those reviews available to everyone to make their own conclusions.

Our catalog will also serve as a source where anyone can come and find practitioners, products and services that have gone through our vigorous screening process to determine quality and validity.

The criteria used to determine who is to be considered a specialist will be determined solely by calculating a rating based on the rating received in the reviews we receive from you.   

We look forward to serving you by helping you find quality practitioners, products and services.

The founder Shahiroz after hosting various workshops, selling multiple products, working for different metaphysical organizations, becoming certified in multiple modalities and growing in her spiritual acumen came to realize that there is no one place a person can go to evaluate the authenticity of  any product or service.

In search for such an entity gave rise to this website.   It is her hope that this site will serve as a resource for individuals searching for what products and services are best for them.